sporos regeneration institute

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”



The natural environment, culture and proactive human interaction.

Forest Schools

Along with other educational seminars and activities for children.

Permaculture Training

On organic eco-friendly food cultivation and distribution


Organic Agriculture/ Permaculture Internships


Permaculture Design Courses WITH Refugees on Lesvos

An ongoing series of permaculture courses for refugees will train individuals on how to design and implement regenerative land and settlement projects, with ongoing support in the establishment and management of initiated projects. 

Growing Together

Nearly 100 people from all around the world gathered at Sporos Regeneration Institute’s Garden of Friends, to learn, play and work together.

We turned strangers into friends and learned that when words are missing, nature and smiles work just as well.

organic Food distribution

We grow fruit and vegetables on our big Garden of Friends, three kilometers from Moria camp. The food produced in the garden is distributed to Greek families in need on the island.

Olive harvesting

We designed and delivered a 3-day exploration of olive harvest and preparation, with local experts. 

Attendants lerned about modern and traditional harvest methods and equipment, harvest techniques for various tree varieties and recipes for preparing edible olives.

forest schools

Children acquire life tools of prosperity, reconnect with nature and learn to care for and protect the natural environment. 

During the academic year 2018-2019 we run our first forest school on a riverside forest outside Plomari. 

Now, in 2019, we also run one at the banks of Evergetoulas river at Karini, Agiasos.

Organic Agriculture/ Permaculture Internship

Sporos runs a one year internship program for students who wish to be educated in becoming regenerators of the earth while acquiring valuable and advanced farming skills.

Interns live on-site and care for the cultivations and orchards of Sporos, while learning organic farming techniques.

The Internship focuses on permaculture, olive farming and regenerative techniques.

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