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Food Forest

During late winter of 2021 we will begin transforming our big olive grove of 15 stremma to a multi-layered food forest paradise. We will start implementing our design in February, when we will plant our first 150 trees. Fruit trees, nut trees, timber trees, nitrogen fixing trees and various bushes and herbs will join the existing mature olive trees on the first step to a complete transformation.

Later in the season we will also start the necessary earthworks at the lower part of our Garden of Friends land, where we will be implementing our Chinampas design. Faithful to our favourite design principle “the problem is the solution”, we will turn the coastal part of our farm which floods with excess run-off rainwater every year into a combination of raised beds and canals, using the ancient Mesoamerican “Chinampas” method. 

Both these projects will be delivered in the form of seminars, so that we train as many people hands-on to these methods. Stay tuned. 

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