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What is happening at Sporos Regeneration Institute?

Saturday, January 30 2021

Sporos is proud to announce that its EcoHub project has been chosen as one of the winners of this year’s Permaculture Magazine Prize! The award celebrates five projects around the world that are transforming landscapes and communities through ecological, social, and economic regeneration and collaboration.

The last year has presented unique challenges for EcoHub, as virus restrictions have kept volunteers and visitors from accessing the garden and our programs. But, like so many who have been a part of EcoHub from the very beginning, we have learned to survive and thrive through adaptation and always keeping the principles of service and mutual aid at the fore. Our crops continue to provide for those in need, children continue to receive the healing benefit of ecotherapy in our garden, and our classes are adapting to reach students remotely. 

We thank Permaculture Magazine and Abundant Earth Foundation for this esteemed recognition and congratulate our fellow award winners! We’re proud to stand with you in support and solidarity as we work together toward a healthier, more resilient future. As always, we are grateful for the continued support of EcoHub’s founding organisation Better Days, our on-site partner One Happy Family Community Center and all who have put their hearts, minds and hands to work at EcoHub over the years.

Here you will find our latest gardening projects and other  activities from the Farm, olive grove and EcoHub.

Due pandemic restrictions we have currently no Events coming up.

Watch this space!

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