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What is happening at Sporos Regeneration Institute?

7 July 2022

This workshop will be conducted in English and Greek. Come and learn with us everything about different natural building techniques, taught from the most experience practitioner in Greece. The workshop is organised in collaboration with Cob.gr. Email us or call us for more info: 6981080900/info@sporosinstitute.gr

Sporos Regeneration Institute wins 1st prize at Green Awards Greece

June 2022: Sporos has won one of the 1st prizes of the Greek Green Awards and has been qualified for the Balkan Green Awards with the project Stop the Burn. Stop the Burn deals with the problem of disposing the organic waste from annual olive harvesting. 

May 2022 – November 2022

Make It Green Lesvos – workshops for young people and children.

Sporos has started with the support of Civic Europe, a series of workshops that take place in its headquarters, the Sporos farm at Dipi, Lesvos. The workshops aim to bring together refugee and local youth and teach them to care for the environment with a little help of Drama, improvisation games and forum theatre techniques.

Three cycles already completed. Participation is free, email or call us for more info.

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