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sam parker davies

Sam has taught and practiced permaculture design in 3 different continents, in 12 different countries. Sam is a regenerative designer by trade, having done his internship with Geoff Lawton at the Permaculture Research Institute, a one year Soil Food Web course with Elaine Ingham, and Permaculture Design and Teaching courses with Rosemary Morrow and Lis Bastion. In his working career Sam has worked alongside prominent leaders in the industry such as Graham Bell, Bunya Halasz, Istvan Makuly, and Giuseppe Sanicandro, and interviewed characters such as Nat Topa, Paul Taylor, Warren Brush, Eric Toensmeier, Rob Avis, Brad Lancaster, and Rob Hopkins. Sam has worked in a wide variety of climates and ecosystems – from desert regeneration projects; wetland regeneration, regenerative city forest and farm projects; to both large scale Australian farms, and small scale homesteads; as well as progressing refugee aid projects in Lebanon and Greece. Sam has devoted his life to getting planet earth on a path of regeneration and is hopeful he may well see it in his lifetime, as he becomes aware of larger jobs and greater possibilities. Sam is currently working for Reforest ActionTM, an organisation funding agroforestry projects worldwide (through this work Sam has the ability to allocate funds for larger tree planting projects).

Sam is also working as a designer for both Permaculture DesignTM and Sustainable Design InternationalTM, and is studying and practicing heavy machinery operation for large scale watershed restoration.


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