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Make it green lesvos

Sporos Regeneration Institute was one of the 18 + projects who won the last years’ Idea Challenge contest organised by Civic Europe. 

Our project Make It Green Lesvos started as a very basic idea. We wanted the Youth to be the forefront in the race for net zero emissions. Additionally, we identified that local and refugee youth in Lesvos have very few opportunities to learn about restorative and sustainable practices and zero opportunities to co-exist and learn together. We wanted to change that.

Our workshops teach them about the environment and incorporate drama-based activities while doing it, so as to nurture cooperation, increase their self esteem and create active citizens.

Make It Green Lesvos is part of the program Civic Europe, which is an incubator for locally  rooted civic initiatives, organizations and individuals in Central, Eastern and Southern  Europe realized by MitOst and Sofia Platform Foundation, funded by Stiftung  Mercator.

The project has 5 cycles and it will be completed by the end of the Summer 2022.

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Milies Village, Lesvos, Greece
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