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Matteo Agamennone

Matteo graduated in cinema with a specialisation in movie screenwriting. He joined Sporos in the summer of 2021 as a volunteer, loved it and came back the following year to be our Ecohub garden manager and volunteer coordinator.  In his home country Italy he is a member of an organic farm co-op, where he conducts series of horticultural and socio-occupational activities for participants with physical and mental vulnerabilities. Coming to Sporos seemed to be by chance, but that was not the case. 

Matteo is always looking to broaden his horizons, constantly looking for new life experiences in which he can make his own human contribution. And this is precisely what he firmly and simply believes in, Humanity. A Humanity, as obvious as a word, as rare as facts, which grows and feeds on the earth. The earth, the element that can reunite us again as Human Beings.


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