sporos regeneration institute

seed bank & nursery

Saving and using our own seeds is more valuable than digging for gold. It is crucial for the future of both the earth and humanity. Saving seeds is a direct action which protects plant biodiversity and regional adaptation. There are no words to express how strongly we support the use of non-GMO, local traditional varieties of seeds!  

We are continuously building a strong seed bank with traditional seeds. Every season we use these seeds to grow seedlings for the needs of our gardens but also for the needs of the friends of Sporos. We obviously share both our seeds and seedlings free of charge. The only thing we ask for is that everyone saves some seeds and brings back to us some of them at the end of each season. This way we ensure that our bank is renewed and is growing. We train new gardeners how to save seeds correctly and continuously expand our network of friends and collaborators in this very important task. If you are interested in joining this cause please do get in touch!

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