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Ongoing Permaculture Design Courses in Lesvos island, Greece

Regenerative landscape design

Settlement, camps and farmlands

Food and water 



Waste water treatment and use

Organic vegetable farming

Food forest design and implementation

Compost making

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Get in touch if you need more info - currently no dates for the next PDC

Interested in further training?

Regenerative projects run by the students, both on the island and abroad.

Established local and foreign teacher network


The courses are taught in French, English, Arabic, Farsi and Greek  


Stop The Burn

After winning an award at Green Ideas Greece and Balkan Green Ideas we are now getting ready to deliver our promise. 

School Gardens

The ongoing School Gardens project has seen a surge in interest from local schools. We will also provide schools with hydroponics and get kids excited this winter about growing lettuces (and other things) indoors!

Olive Oil Produce

Let the Olive harvesting season begin! Get in touch via email if you would like to buy olive oil from us and support our cause.

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