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Our Story

Sporos was founded in 2019 by four activists to deliver educational activities to children, as they strongly believe that children are our planet’s only hope and feel great responsibility towards future generations. Through its forest schools Sporos strives from day one to reconnect children with nature and develop their environmental identity. 

We soon expanded our horizons and now deliver courses on permaculture, regenerative farming, organic gardening, natural building and more. 

Being established in the oh so beautiful, yet torn island of Lesvos, we felt obliged to use our tools to bridge the gap between the local and the refugee population, bringing them all together to work and restore the land, while at the same time restoring relations.

Our Mission 

is the regeneration of the environment, of culture and of human relations. Through our plethora of educational tools we aim to teach people of all backgrounds and ages how to live more sustainable, healthier lives while caring for each other and mother nature.

Our Vision

is to reach the point where we are no longer needed as teachers and we only exist as facilitators of learning, where we step back and let our students take over, where we all teach and learn from each other. 

We envision leaving behind a greener and more just world for our future generations, free from apathy and greed and full of empathy and generosity. 


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Milies Village, Lesvos, Greece
Contact: +30 698 108 0900

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